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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Prepping Garden Tip

Here is a pretty good list of Sunlight requirements for your Prepping Garden. If you have Shady areas in your yard, and you are not using it for your garden, here are ideas as what vegetables tolerate the shade…
“Vegetables requiring 8-11 Hours of Sunlight
·  cucumber
·  melon
·  pepper
·  squash
·  tomato
Vegetables Requiring 3-6 Hours of Sunlight
and Tolerating Some Shade

* denotes tolerance of light shade
·  beans*
·  beets*
·  blackberry
·  blueberry
·  broccoli*
·  cabbage
·  carrot
·  chard*
·  garlic
·  most herbs
·  kale
·  lettuce
·  mustard greens
·  peas
·  potato*
·  raspberry*
·  strawberry*

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