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Friday, October 17, 2014

2 Liter Bottle Food Storage

Here is a little Food Prepping Tip. Reuse your 2 Liter Soda bottles to store noodles. This can be done by:

1) Rid the Pop/soda contents.
2) Rinse it out thoroughly.
3) Put a table spoon of bleach, and 2 table spoons of water in the bottle.
4) Swish it all over the inside and the cap to sterilize.
5) Rinse again
6) Let it Air dry COMPLETELY
7) Fill with Macaroni Noodles, Spaghetti Noodles,…etc.
8) Place the lid on tightly.
9) Store in a cool dry place. Should be good for OVER 2 years!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Make Your Own Anti-Biotic Formula

The Witches Brew:

The main ingredients for most plague juice is apple cider vinegar, honey and garlic. Just using these alone will offer protection. Most items can be bought at any health food store.

Anti-Bacterial Formula

4 ounces Black walnut concentrate
4 ounces Wormwood concentrate
4 ounces Marshmallow root concentrate
4 ounces Oak bark concentrate
4 ounces Lobelia leaf or seed concentrate
4 ounces Mullein leaf concentrate
4 ounces Skullcap leaf concentrate
4 ounces Uva Ursi, Hydrangea or Gravel root concentrate
8 ounces Comfrey root concentrate
32 ounces Apple cider vinegar
20 ounces Honey raw, unfiltered and local is best
20 ounces Glycerine
8 ounces Garlic juice fresh, raw, organic

Each concentrate should be made individually. Start by soaking each herb for four hours or more in enough distilled water to cover them. After soaking, add more distilled water so that the total added
water equals 16 oz. water per 4 oz. of herbs.

After adding the appropriate amount of distilled water to the soaked herbs, simmer on a very low heat in a covered saucepan or double boiler for 30 minutes. Strain this decoction and place into an
uncovered clean pan or uncovered double boiler and simmer it down to ¼ the original amount, in other words, to 4 oz.

Each concentrate should be made separately and then only mixed when the entire formula is blended together. Using the amounts in this  handout 120 ounces (approximately one gallon) will be made. If you desire to make less, just reduce all the proportions equally.

To make an eighth ounce of garlic juice takes one full pound of fresh garlic. Fresh garlic juice is extremely potent. That’s what makes the formula work.

This is the best remedy for colds, flu or any communicable disease (especially bacteriological). It strengthens and stimulates your immune system and should be used as a tonic and preventative at the dosage of one tablespoon of syrup per day. If infected, increase to one tablespoon per hour.
D0 NOT USE ALUMINUM, TEFLON, OR CRACKED PORCELAIN. Glass corning ware or stainless steel or whole porcelain are best. 

I forgot where I got this a long time ago....

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tree Pain Killer

Did you know that you can use the Bark of a White Willow Tree to make asprin? In fact I think it is a little better for you because it does not thin your blood as much as asprin. Here is what you do…
For a medicinal tea, boil one to two teaspoons of bark in eight ounces of water and let steep for ten minutes.
Drink and bye-bye headache / swelling. Not recommended for those under 16 or pregnant women. Also, this can be used on your dog as well to help with their aches and pains. Keep this information in your Book Of Knowledge for post SHTF.