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Monday, February 15, 2016

Night Vision Prepping

One item that is hit or miss with preppers is “Night Vision”. Is it worth a good chunk of your prepping budget to buy? I can’t answer that. Just remember, with night vision, you “Own the night”. Use to get around. See people coming before they see you. Check your traps easier. There are several types of night vision. I use a gen II plus monocular. The only drawback is that it takes special batteries that I have to stock up on. However, if you look hard enough, you can find Night Vision units that take good old AA batteries. If you had some rechargeables, and a solar charger, you would be in pretty good shape. Here is a good breakdown of the different classes of Night Vision. Be aware of this when purchasing…
"Myth vs. Fact: Generation 4
Some say that generation (Gen) 4 is the most advanced night vision you can buy. This is not the case. To dispel this myth, let's start with the basics. There are four Generations of night vision; however, they are Gen 0-3, not Gen 1-4. Historically, the U.S. Army has defined each Generation of night vision. In the late 90's the Army did define Gen 4 as the removal of the ion barrier film creating a "filmless" tube. This new advancement was to reduce halos while increasing sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and resolution, for overall improved performance. While performance was improved, the lack of an ion barrier in Gen 4 tubes led to high failure rates, ultimately leading the U.S. Army to recant the existence of Gen 4 definition. Recognizing the high failure rates of Gen 4 tubes, ITT chose to improve upon the existing Gen 3 technology and create a "thin-filmed" tube. By keeping the protective ion barrier, but greatly reducing its thickness, ITT was able to maintain the reliability of Gen 3 while—at the same time—delivering on the Army's performance requirements intended for Gen 4. This innovation resulted in the production of the Gen 3 thin-filmed tube, which is now the highest performing Gen 3 tube available."
Definition taken from…

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