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Monday, December 28, 2015

LIFESAVING: How To Correctly Seal Your Gas Mask

A lot of Preppers have gas masks for themselves and their families. However, unless you are prior military, I doubt you know how to put it on correctly. Meaning you need to “Clear” your mask once you put it on. Prior to breathing. Think about it. A potentially harmful Radioactive, Nuclear, or Biological material has been released. You put on your mask and start breathing. Wasn’t your mask full of these contaminants before you put it on? Here is how to do it properly…
1) Hold your breath and close your eyes.
2) Put your mask on.
3) Put your hands over the exhalation vent to seal it.
4) Blow out hard. You will feel the air escape around the edges of the mask.
5) When you are almost done with your exhale, remove your hand to clear the filter and keep exhaling.
6) Before you take a breath, put your hands back over the vent to prevent air from coming in the filter.
7) Suck in, you should feel it tighten around your face, and no air coming in.
Your mask is now correctly sealed and you can open your eyes. Unless you follow and practice these steps, don’t waste your time getting one. It will do you and your family no good.

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  1. Obama is hiding a dark secret that just came out and this effects you!