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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Keep Yer Powder Dry

Keep Your Powder Dry

If you are new or seasoned Prepper, the above adage applies to you. All of us, really. In the times we are in now (Prepping, that is), we need to stock-up and protect our stash. One thing that you are going to need is ammo for your weapons/guns. If you are not doing this now, then you have one expensive club. The point of this snippet is to protect your ammo for the coming years.

Hopefully we never get to a SHTF situation. However, if we do, you are going to want to make sure that your bullets go “Bang” when you squeeze the trigger. Therefore, seal them, and store them in a cool dry place. Out of direct sunlight, too. I use military ammo cans, with good rubber seals, and store bought ammo cans as well. However you could just as easily store them in a bucket if the lid seals with a gasket. Ammo will stay good for MANY decades in this manner. If you haven’t started putting your ammo up in this manner, it is time!

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