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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Keeping Eggs Fresh For A Year (Without a refrigerator!)

Preserve only eggs that are freshly laid. Bury them in a box of salt. Do not let them touch the sides or bottom. No air can touch the shells. Kind of suspend them to keep them fresh for a year! Plus when you use your eggs, you will have plenty of seasoning.
(Note: I forget where I downloaded this picture. if it is yours, email me and I will credit you - Nix)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Prepping Garden Tip

Here is a pretty good list of Sunlight requirements for your Prepping Garden. If you have Shady areas in your yard, and you are not using it for your garden, here are ideas as what vegetables tolerate the shade…
“Vegetables requiring 8-11 Hours of Sunlight
·  cucumber
·  melon
·  pepper
·  squash
·  tomato
Vegetables Requiring 3-6 Hours of Sunlight
and Tolerating Some Shade

* denotes tolerance of light shade
·  beans*
·  beets*
·  blackberry
·  blueberry
·  broccoli*
·  cabbage
·  carrot
·  chard*
·  garlic
·  most herbs
·  kale
·  lettuce
·  mustard greens
·  peas
·  potato*
·  raspberry*
·  strawberry*

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chicken Wire

Have you ever thought of Prepping chicken wire? Here is my main reason for brining this up. During the Balkan Wars, there were many roaming gangs in the cities. The cities were surrounded by the enemy who hoped to starve them out. Thus civility breaks down and groups of people were desperate to fulfill their needs at the expense of others. A common tactic used by these gangs to gain entrance was this. They would throw a homemade explosive in the window of a house, and the remainder of the group would kick in the back door. The explosive was a diversion. Easily thwarted by putting chicken wire on your windows…