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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prepping Reality

You may have all of the good Prepping gear. A years’ worth of food. A bug out location. Lots of guns and ammo. However, do you and ALL of your family/group have the will? I mean “can you take it”? Not the romanticized Post SHTF, but the real deal. Being scared, tired, hungry, out of touch, dirty, cold, hot, sick, lonely…etc. Sure you can take small doses, but how about months, or years? Not as easy as you may think. You need to prep yourself and your “Team” for this. Prep your mind. My advice to help…
1) Make small daily goals so you can see things getting done and becoming more self confident and self reliant.
2) Allow yourself to accept your emotions…cry if you have to. Doesn’t make you less of a prepper, but a good stress reliever.
3) Reward yourself with a little downtime. Read a book, draw, whittle…etc.
4) Clean yourself and your clothes as frequently as possible. (Good hygiene also equals better health.)
5) Share stories with your team. Sit around the fire and impart knowledge and/or humor.
6) Faith in your creator!
7) “Love up” your significant other, if you don’t have one, love up your pet. (Not physically of course…lol)
8) Prioritize and organize. Less stress with normality.
9) Sleep when you can (if you are tired). This always puts a brighter outlook on a subject when you are not so tired.
What are some of your ideas? Comment below…

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