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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Time Is Now

I have been reading a lot lately and two things have made me think twice. 1) Gas prices are going up considerably this year. 2) Food prices are potentially going to double this year. With that said, let me just state that I am not rich. This will hurt me and my family of 5. What can we do as Preppers to prepare for this? I mean, that is what we do, right. Here are a few of my thoughts. You thoughts are encouraged as well.
1) Plan and expand your garden. (BIG ONE)
2) Plan on how to protect your garden from People and animals.
3) If you haven’t, start composting.
4) Get Heirloom seeds for your garden.
5) Start stocking up on gas for your roto-tiller or other farm equipment.
6) Stock up on gas stabilizer (to keep your gas good for up to two years).
7) Rotate your canned goods. Anything that you have prepped that expires in 2014 or before, MUST be replaced.
8) If you don’t know how to can foods, learn and buy the equipment soon. As people see this happening, prices will go up.
What are your thoughts on the impact of increased gas and food prices?

1 comment:

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