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Monday, May 19, 2014

Going Ghost

Have you ever considered this thought? How are your neighbors going to react seeing you traipsing around with your Backpack and an AR post SHTF? If I was them, and food was scarce, I would say that you had some “Stuff” that would peak my interest. That is what you don’t want. You want to be a “Ghost”. A Gray Man. You want to blend in. Here are a few ideas that may help. Carry your rucksack in public, no. Carry and AR in public, no. Carry grandpas old single shot shotgun and a nice concealed pistol! Carry bags of trash. (You definitely don’t want people going through your trash and seeing cans and used MRE wrappers!). Camouflage up, like you are in the military…no. Jeans and a long coat or baggy shirt. This is better for concealing your handgun(s). Want to walk around your area with a nice white gauze strips on your boo-boo? Probably not…that means you have medicine and or drugs. During the Balkan Wars, people did NOT give up their vices. Drugs, booze…etc. Anyhow, don’t stick out. Blend to the end!

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