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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fooling Metal Detectors (Who Are After Your Stash)

If anyone out there uses the PVC tubes to stash your caches of “Prepping Items”, here is a thought. Metal Detectors WILL be able to pick up on your metal cans, knives and weapons. What is a good way to prevent your stashes from being found? Here are a few helpful tips. First and most important, bury the tube vertically. Stand it on end. The top should be no less that 14 inches deep. This will give a smaller surface area for detectors to find. Dig out a big circle. About 3 feet across by 18 inches deep. Dig your tube hole in the center of this circle.  Cover it with 4 inches of dirt and rock. This will make the 14 in deep circle flat. Now, in this 3 foot area, spread around a lot of different junk metal. Old rust nails, electrical box knock-outs…etc. Cover this with 4 to 5 inches of dirt. Repeat the junk metal and dirt process until the hole is flush with the surrounding ground. Put the grass (if any) back on the surface and make it look as undisturbed as possible. This will discourage a wood-be metal detective from finding your stash.

Another way to do this is to cover the end of the cache tube with an asbestos sheet. This prevents the signal from the metal detector form penetrating down and finding the metal. However, we all know that asbestos is dangerous, so I do not use this method. I bring this up as an FYI only.


  1. Never spread junk metal around your stash. It's a dead giveaway that there is something there. Any scavenger knows that.

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