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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tracking Groundhogs

Know your dinner. One of the most plentiful wild game in my area is “Groundhog”. Woodchuck. Whatever you want to call them. Being a skilled hunter is to know your prey. I have included a picture of the tracks made by a Groundhog. Study it, know it, use it. These animals make burrows in the ground. About 10 to 12 inches in diameter. They like to eat all sorts of plant life. Look for the tracks around natural watering holes or creeks. They are easy to trap. I would do a snare set around their natural paths and near water. If you are hunting them, let’s just say they are not the Einstein of the animal world. If you see one and it scurries away, just freeze. Wait a minute and make a sucking sound softly, with your lips. Like you are kissing the air. Groundhogs will stand up on their back legs to see over the grass. Curious of the noise you have made. Then pull the trigger….meat on the table.

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