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Monday, December 29, 2014


If you are a newer Prepper, one item that I am sure that is on your wish-list is a Shotgun. What type of Shotgun will work best? What type of Ammunition will work best? The attached pictures should give you a good idea on size of the pellets/BBs/Shot. A bigger person can probably handle 3 inch shells. I like to shoot the 2 ¾ inch shells myself. A bigger person can probably handle a 12 gauge shotgun, versus a female or smaller person may want a 20 gauge. Perhaps something even smaller like a .410 gauge. I would steer clear of the oddball sizes. Like a 16 gauge, a 28 gauge, a 10 or 8 gauge. There will be plenty of 12 gauge shells available post SHTF. One more tid-bit of information. I like the smooth bore. Rifled shogun barrels are more for shooting sabot rounds. Smooth bore gives you the diversity of shooting slugs for deer, 00 Buck Shot for defense, and 6, 7, 8 shot for fowl / defense. There are even military 12 gauge rounds that have double 00 buck and BBs mixed.

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