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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Eye Glasses

Here is an overlooked prepping item. Do you have a spare pair of glasses? Very important. Even if you don’t wear glasses, I would get a pair of reading glasses at a 1.25 strength for future use. Trying to read small print in low light will be a huge pain, and impossible without them. Ever try to tie a fishing knot or thread a needle with less than perfect vision? Not very fun. Even if you don’t need glasses, get them for bartering. They are cheap for reading glasses. I get them for $6.00 USD at Dollar General. If you still choose to not get reading glasses, I recommend getting several magnifying glasses. Used for the above cases and excellent for stating your camp fires…


  1. You can get three pairs for under $8 from Amazon, and they're decent quality.

    1. Excellent tip! Thanks for the information.