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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dual Charging Light

Every now and then I find a pretty cool Prepping item. This little baby is available at Wal Mart. $13 to 17 dollars. What I like is the solar charging and the hand crank charging too. Dual charging system is a plus for Preppers. LED is my preferred lighting too.

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  1. I wonder what kind of battery This flashlight is charging The reason I ask is at some point in time the battery will no longer recharge. I have burned through a few shake lights and crank lights and I currently own zero that are still working. So for emergencies I have modified a few flashlights to run for hundreds of hours. My two most recent ones are a 500 hour and a 360 hour. For TEOTWAWKI I have made a few super capacitor flashlight. The 400 farad flashlights run for about 6 hours on a charge and can be recharged 500,000 times. The charge time is about 20 minutes. I charge them off of a car battery that gets charged off of a solar panel. Hopefully super capacitor flashlights will be as common as LED flashlights some day. Links to above mentioned lighting: