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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Preppin' Tools

If the S really does HTF, what do you have prepped in way of tools. I have a tool bad set up for Bug In or Bug Out. Of course bugging in I will have a lot more tools (besides my tool bag). Here are some Items that I have Prepped. If you have any suggestions, let us know.
I have a Hack Saw and 5 extra blades. A folding Branch Saw (8 inches on the blade). I have A socket wrench, sets of metric and SAE sockets. Wire cutters. Various screws and bolts (in plastic food containers). Several types of screw drivers. A small flashlight. Duct Tape, electrical tape, and pipe tape. Many (200+) zip ties of varying sizes. Latex gloves and dust masks. A pocket knife and Multi-tool. A Hammer. A Crescent wrench. Several tubes of Super Glue. Some sand paper and a file. I even have a pack of 3 emergency candles and a lighter.
I am sure I have left out a few items, but was more wondering what other items do you have or recommend?

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  1. Harbor Freight sells a very handy ten and twelve inch crescent wrench that you can open the jaw all the way and flip it around to use as a pipe wrench.
    I am a millwright and use one at work every day.

    VERY handy.
    About ten bucks.