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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Post SHTF. One thing is for sure, FEAR will be rampant. Do not think that because you are Prepping that you won’t be afraid. You will. How are you going to handle it? Well practice, training and tactics WILL give you an edge in conquering FEAR. But there really is no such thing as a “Brave Person”. This IS such a thing as a person who is scared, and can still function. That is the definition of bravery. What do you KNOW that you will be afraid of after SHTF? Prepare and train for this circumstance. It will give you a little edge. Picture how these things may play out and adjust your training accordingly. Know yourself. Know that you can do it. Remember, prior to the settlement of the USA, there were as many Native Americans on this continent as there was in Europe. They survived for thousands of years living off of the land. You can too. Just learn how, train hard, picture it in your mind, give yourself a daily goal, and know that you are NOT alone. P!
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