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Saturday, February 14, 2015

DIY Firestarter

Cotton Ball and Vasoline Tinder Starter

A little trick that some of you may, or may not know is that you can use a cotton ball mixed with petroleum jelly to easily start fires. What I do is tear a cotton ball in half. Pull the fibers and spread it flat like a pancake. I put an eraser sized ball of Petroleum Jelly in the center. I then wrap the cotton fibers around this ball so that it is in the center. I do this to cut down on the mess that PJ makes. When it is time to light, I smash the PJ in to the cotton ball, light and insert in to my tinder bundle. Move the bundle to the fire once lit and you are in business. One side note, wrap several of these in Wax Paper instead of a baggie. Petroleum Jelly will dissolve the plastic.

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