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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lovin' Gloves

One Prepping item that I cannot stress enough to have, is gloves. Different types too. You will need Latex for doing “Gross” jobs like “Zombie Body Removal”. Good leather gloves for wood chopping and general labor. Maybe some cotton gloves for farming/gardening. And one that I like, some tactical gloves. These are the hard plastic knuckle gloves. Good for protecting your hands when scavenging and great to remove teeth of a potential threat. Why different gloves? A, they may be hard to get post SHTF. B, extras are good bartering items. C, search tetanus. Nasty disease that can kill you in a very short time. Especially without doctors or antibiotics. Get some gloves and stash them away. One thing for sure. They don’t have an expiration date!

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